DYING: Reborn – Horror Creeping Steadily Into Your Consciousness

Greetings from Oasis Games, publishing partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai (SIESH) in China! We are very excited to finally announce the release of DYING: Reborn, another great title from our indie developers here in China.

Horror is an experience that is best enjoyed when you are fully immersed in it. Play a horror game in a dark room, and soon you might even feel like you’re no longer alone. DYING: Reborn PSVR, available for PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita, promises you a unique experience that will stay with you even when you’ve shut it off and left your room.

DYING: Reborn PSVR Game

“Let’s play a game, and maybe it will unlock the memories that you have locked deep within you.”

You wake up, and your memory’s gone. It seems like the only way out of the room is locked. You need to find a way out of it. You are obviously alone, but there is likely a way of escape and it’s also likely that there is a clue in the room to help you unlock that door. This is the premise of Dying: Reborn, a dark horror-themed puzzle and escape room game that will have chills running up and down your spine as you try to escape your predicament.

You do so by solving a variety of creative puzzles. You will need to examine your surroundings, and search for the clues hidden all around the rooms. Collect and use the items that you find. By solving the puzzles, you are able to escape the rooms that you’re in and thereby progressing in your search for your lost memory. Gather the shards, unlock new parts of the story and discover the mistake that was made in the past. Interact with your surroundings to discover more clues and items that you need to solve the puzzles. Every piece that you touch may be a clue or a required item, listen to the devices in the room, for they may provide even more clues, even if that may not be immediately obvious. Pay attention to everything. Each step and each spooky room brings you closer to your lost memory.
dying-reborn-console-game online

Be spooked by the realistic and gritty 3D environment as you move freely in it to find ways out of the eerie rooms that you’re in. The hyper-realistic art style of DYING: Reborn PSVR Game reinforces the feeling that you are alone in the world and that it seems like no help will be forthcoming. The music is not too obtrusive and doesn’t become too grating on the ears. So, you’ll be able to spend a lot of time exploring the rooms immersed in an environment that has really upped the creepy factor by a lot. With each experience of fear, feel the joy of rebirth and being alive.


Room Escape PSVR Game on Playstation

DYING: Reborn PSVR has many interactive contents, and players can examine almost all the objects in the room. From the information that players get through investigation, they can find more hidden props or clues related to the puzzle.

DYING: Reborn is a room escape game in which players will face unknown tests and crisis in different dangers and they need to make choices and seek the way out. Unlike other traditional room escape games, DYING: Reborn adopts 3D to show all the scenes and enables players to freely investigate and explore in the confined space until they find an escape.

In DYING: Reborn, players won’t get any help from others, and with the immersive experience offered by VR, they would feel a sense of loneliness. Muffled footsteps and weird and frightening decorations in the game all make players more desire to escape the closed room.


DYING: Reborn PSVR has many interactive contents, and players can examine almost all the objects in the room. From the information that players get through investigation, they can find more hidden props or clues related to the puzzle. But not all the props are set for players to escape the room. Some props may help players trigger something else that is not closely related to the puzzle, but would affect the plot and even change the original ending. So this will make players more motivated to explore the game.


In this popular console game, there is no combat system, and after players wake up in the game, their weapons will be all taken away. Although the tense environment and some noises emerge from time to time would make players uneasy, it would be a relief to some extent that they don’t need to worry about any sudden “surprises”.

VR is perfect for puzzle and horror games, and it can offer players amazing immersive effects. The messy environment and the fear of the unknown would make players more eager to escape. So if you like puzzles games, DYING: Reborn PS VR will definitely be a good choice.

At least one of three PSVR games would be suitable for you

New year, for game lovers like us, there’s nothing more worth looking forward to than new console games! As a new year’s gift for ourselves, a few PS VR game is necessarily a great choice, so which games exactly are worth recommending?


I would like to recommend three interesting online console games. They are Pixel Gear, Ace Banana and Weeping Doll. These three games are all published by Oasis Console Games. They have all been published on the PS Station. Oasis Games is one of China’s biggest overseas online game distributors. It’s also Sony Entertainment’s biggest partner in China. This company has brought us many outstanding games. If you have played Naruto Online, then you’re probably not foreign to this company’s name.


The games Oasis publish triumphs of quality. The three games I’m recommending here have all fared exceptionally well since going live. They have excellent graphics, and all three games come from three game genres: Pixel shooting, VR Shooting, and mystery. Right now, VR shooting games are more popular, but mystery games are gaining popularity too. In these three games, DYING: Reborn game is twisted story focuses on Mathew, a young man who went out to look for his missing sister, only to find himself waking up in a run-down hotel with seemingly no way out. Weeping Doll’s popularity is the highest. The young female protagonist has suffered ill-treatment from her parents. But once she develops  anger, the doll would come alive and help her avenge her parents.


At least one of these three console games would be suitable for you. Try them out and may your new year begin with the many wonders of games!