Unlock the Doll’s Secret—Horror Mystery Game Tactics (Pt. II)

Similar to Dying: Reborn, Weeping Doll is another horror mystery game, but rela-tively speaking, it’s more horrifying. Last time, we’ve introduced some methods and tactics. Today we will introduce some new tactics. If you would like to explore yourself, we don’t recommend you read any further, because what follows will contain a lot of spoilers.

5. The players enter a restaurant, but discovers a smaller door on the corner of the restaurant. You open the door and discover a storeroom behind. Turn on sound effects after you enter, and then you can leave and return to the living room to discover that the cupboard has been moved. You move upstairs.

6. You come to the second story. Now there’s a door on both sides. The door on the right cannot be opened. You can only open the door on the left. You enter the room on the left and discover a puppet-making workshop in popular console game. A teaching material appears.

7. In the room, you find three headless puppets and three puppet heads (on the desk). You piece the puppets together and place them on the fireplace (note that the base colors must be the same). Shake the control on the fireplace to trigger the…

8. The player click on a cabinet to open it. Inside there’s a crack on the wall. Walk in to click on the crack. Touch the frame (There’s a puppet by the bathroom door), walk out of the cabinet and click on the door to leave (Couldn’t open the door before).

9. After leaving the studio, the door on the other side could open too. There is a corridor after opening this door. A little girl will guide you to run forwards. You and the little girl come to the end of the corridor and see the little girl hiding in a room. Then you go back the way you came to the first door in front of the staircase. Open on this door to open it (Other rooms cannot be opened).

Due to limited lengths, the introduction to the Weeping Doll Adventure Game will end here. More game tactics to follow.