The popular PS VR in the North American PS market

Being a 3D Mosaic game, the most memorable and refreshing aspect of the game is the various bosses and their magnificent skills. The first boss makes a stunning entrance, jumping out from behind a wall. Its attacks are brilliant; calling down fireballs from the sky, sending fireballs along the ground, and summoning soldiers. You need to time your attacks right to be able to go through the boss’ defenses and defeat it. This game has already become one of the most popular PS VR games in the North American PS market. Gather your friends and join the game today!

3d pixel gear

Pixel Gear’s main characteristics are: Cute pixel graphics, accurate aiming, and easy controls. The 3D pixel gear game lets players collect and change between weapons. You can use either a normal control or the PS MOVE control to play. The aiming in the gamin is very accurate, even for targets far away, making it easy to get critical hits. All in all, this makes the game easy and fun to play.

pixel gear console game online

Pixel Gear Game, published by Oasis Games, is now available for PS VR, and we trust that its pixel style graphics will be to your liking.