A New Adventure Game: A Test of Your Reasoning Capacity

Horror games always intrigue people. Zombies, ghosts, demons and even dolls can become the theme of horror games. In western tales, little girls who suffered much abuse of their parents, would express their resentment to their favorite dolls, and then the dolls would turn into devils. On that night, the doll’s cry suddenly resounded; other two dolls symbolizing the parents were “punished”; and the real parents disappeared… This is about the horror puzzle VR game—Weeping Doll.

weeping doll psvr
Weeping Doll is created by Oasis Games from China. In this game, you would start out with the perspective of the housekeeper and find yourself in a two-storey house. The dim light, the old furniture and all other settings can help you fast enter the game environment, and they all reveal that the house is hiding some skeletons in the closet.

weeping doll game
Weeping Doll PS VR has a relatively long plot and requires time and patience to play. With a mysterious atmosphere, feeling the psychological fear, you need to comb the house for clues to solve puzzles in a tense environment. So if you are a patient player who enjoys games of puzzle and exploration, this game would make your leisure time more fun.

In general, Weeping Doll Adventure Game is palatable to patient players who like puzzle games. In an eerily quite old house, you look for gimmicks all alone, and after getting hints, you start a new round of exploration… During the game, you would feel the weird atmosphere similar to that in The Grudge. If you are not afraid, then give it a try!


At least one of three PSVR games would be suitable for you

New year, for game lovers like us, there’s nothing more worth looking forward to than new console games! As a new year’s gift for ourselves, a few PS VR game is necessarily a great choice, so which games exactly are worth recommending?


I would like to recommend three interesting online console games. They are Pixel Gear, Ace Banana and Weeping Doll. These three games are all published by Oasis Console Games. They have all been published on the PS Station. Oasis Games is one of China’s biggest overseas online game distributors. It’s also Sony Entertainment’s biggest partner in China. This company has brought us many outstanding games. If you have played Naruto Online, then you’re probably not foreign to this company’s name.


The games Oasis publish triumphs of quality. The three games I’m recommending here have all fared exceptionally well since going live. They have excellent graphics, and all three games come from three game genres: Pixel shooting, VR Shooting, and mystery. Right now, VR shooting games are more popular, but mystery games are gaining popularity too. In these three games, DYING: Reborn game is twisted story focuses on Mathew, a young man who went out to look for his missing sister, only to find himself waking up in a run-down hotel with seemingly no way out. Weeping Doll’s popularity is the highest. The young female protagonist has suffered ill-treatment from her parents. But once she develops  anger, the doll would come alive and help her avenge her parents.


At least one of these three console games would be suitable for you. Try them out and may your new year begin with the many wonders of games!

Weeping Doll Crazying is Coming

Enter the Weeping Doll PSVR, you would become the female butler of a two story mansion. Low lights and antiquated furnishings. You will find the secrets of this place.

Horrific mystery type games always fill people with horror, but then it’s still hard to bear a curious heart, so you want to go out and search. There are already a lot of horror games. What kind of unusual activity could happen in 2017? Weeping Doll, a really weird and equally horrific mystery game has gone live. If you think you are bold enough, then come give it a try!

weeping doll psvr

This crazy game of popular console games is introduced this way: it has been said in many western legends that dolls can often turn into demons because of their grievances. The little girl who has been ill-treated by her parents would pass on her hate onto her most beloved doll. In the night of the event, a doll starts crying. Following that, the puppets of the parent are dealt punishments, and the real parents are nowhere to be found. Only by looking at the game introduction, we can feel a scary and gloomy air being emitted from the game.

weeping doll game

Enter the Weeping Doll PSVR, you would become the female butler of a two story mansion. Low lights and antiquated furnishings. You will find the secrets of this place. This game and other VR games are different in that it uses the style of a novel to promote experience. The plot is relatively long. You need time and patience to finish this game. When you are walking in this strange mansion, first you will feel the strangeness from the meticulous graphics. You will feel horror. But it will be under this kind of nervous spirit in which you will need to free your mind from.

Do you want to challenge your guts and wits? Why not give this game a try!

Oasis Games brings high quality Chinese games to PSVR worldwide

“Oasis Games prides itself on serving as an ambassador for China’s massive gaming community to the West with its strategic business endeavors. Established in 2011, Oasis Games was one of the first publishers in China to deliver online games to overseas markets, currently reaching over 100 million players in 70 countries.

psvr games - oasi games

The company continues its pioneering presence as the first, and currently sole, strategic publishing partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Shanghai for the overseas publishing market—uniquely positioning Oasis Games to bring high quality Chinese games to PlayStation® players worldwide. Its blockbuster online RPG, Legend Online has attracted over 50 million players in China and Naruto Online, the official RPG browser game of the Naruto franchise has amassed a global following. The award-winning exploration adventure game, KOI, was Oasis Games’ PlayStation®4 console debut for the western market.


The company has now released three out its lineup of four exciting PlayStation®VR games for the PS VR launch window—more than any other publisher—with DYING: Reborn has comed in January 2017. For more information about the company’s console games, visit http://en.console.oasgames.com/ .”

The popular PS VR in the North American PS market

Being a 3D Mosaic game, the most memorable and refreshing aspect of the game is the various bosses and their magnificent skills. The first boss makes a stunning entrance, jumping out from behind a wall. Its attacks are brilliant; calling down fireballs from the sky, sending fireballs along the ground, and summoning soldiers. You need to time your attacks right to be able to go through the boss’ defenses and defeat it. This game has already become one of the most popular PS VR games in the North American PS market. Gather your friends and join the game today!

3d pixel gear

Pixel Gear’s main characteristics are: Cute pixel graphics, accurate aiming, and easy controls. The 3D pixel gear game lets players collect and change between weapons. You can use either a normal control or the PS MOVE control to play. The aiming in the gamin is very accurate, even for targets far away, making it easy to get critical hits. All in all, this makes the game easy and fun to play.

pixel gear console game online

Pixel Gear Game, published by Oasis Games, is now available for PS VR, and we trust that its pixel style graphics will be to your liking.

Become a Banana warrior in an psvr game

In Ace Banana Game, you can enter the role as one of five different Banana Archers from the Banana Village.

Get ready for war, Banana Warriors! The PS VR shooter Ace Banana is now online! Take your PS MOVE control and become a bow wielding Banana Warrior! Enter a fictive world with your friends and keep the Banana village safe!

ace banana oasis games

The beauty of a fictive world is that you can become anything and go anywhere. In Ace Banana Game you can become a Banana Warrior and keep the monkeys from stealing your bananas!

In OSIS GAMES Ace Banana, you can enter the role as one of five different Banana Archers from the Banana Village. The PS Move controller is your bow that you use to keep different kinds of monkeys from invading and stealing the Banana Village’s bananas. The game currently supports three game modes: single player, multiplayer, and practice. In single player mode you rely on your skills. In multiplayer mode the most important thing is your ability to cooperate. The multiplayer mode currently supports up to four players.


In Ace Banana PSVR the Monkey Army will invade in wave upon wave. There are clown monkeys, repair monkeys, gangster monkeys, boxing monkeys, rocket monkeys and more! All with their unique appearance and characteristics. You can use salted fish, shuttlecocks, pillows, ice-cream cones and other interesting objects to attack the monkeys. Once you’ve beaten the monkeys, it’s time to face the Boss!

This is an active game that requires you to move a lot. If your arms get tired, you’re doing it right!

This is A Very Odd Riddle Game

The Weeping Doll Game successfully combines several thrilling scenes, such as the child specter running around in the corridors; doors slamming shut in front of your eyes; old paintings and pendulum clocks falling to the ground.

Weeping Doll is a unique horror puzzle game. If horror movies gives you nightmares, you should think twice before trying this game.


In the Weeping Doll Adventure Game, you take on the role as the maid in a Victorian household. As you explore the house, you will find more and more clues all pointing out that this is no ordinary house; but a haunted one! As you get more familiar with this gloomy house, you will reveal more and more of the family’s secrets. This is a game that puts extra emphasis on psychological horrors. As you keep exploring this strange house, you will be faces with a series of puzzles challenging your logic and imagination. “A normal house with a beautiful garden. But, who is crying?”

The Weeping Doll Game successfully combines several thrilling scenes, such as the child specter running around in the corridors; doors slamming shut in front of your eyes; old paintings and pendulum clocks falling to the ground. You need to overcome your fears and keep on exploring. Not only can you collect various items, but by combining them you discover yet more secrets. Are your ready to challenge your courage and intellect? Then this is the game for you!