A New Adventure Game: A Test of Your Reasoning Capacity

weeping doll game

Horror games always intrigue people. Zombies, ghosts, demons and even dolls can become the theme of horror games. In western tales, little girls who suffered much abuse of their parents, would express their resentment to their favorite dolls, and then the dolls would turn into devils. On that night, the doll’s cry suddenly resounded; other two dolls symbolizing the parents were “punished”; and the real parents disappeared… This is about the horror puzzle VR game—Weeping Doll.

weeping doll psvr
Weeping Doll is created by Oasis Games from China. In this game, you would start out with the perspective of the housekeeper and find yourself in a two-storey house. The dim light, the old furniture and all other settings can help you fast enter the game environment, and they all reveal that the house is hiding some skeletons in the closet.

weeping doll game
Weeping Doll PS VR has a relatively long plot and requires time and patience to play. With a mysterious atmosphere, feeling the psychological fear, you need to comb the house for clues to solve puzzles in a tense environment. So if you are a patient player who enjoys games of puzzle and exploration, this game would make your leisure time more fun.

In general, Weeping Doll Adventure Game is palatable to patient players who like puzzle games. In an eerily quite old house, you look for gimmicks all alone, and after getting hints, you start a new round of exploration… During the game, you would feel the weird atmosphere similar to that in The Grudge. If you are not afraid, then give it a try!


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