At least one of three PSVR games would be suitable for you

New year, for game lovers like us, there’s nothing more worth looking forward to than new console games! As a new year’s gift for ourselves, a few PS VR game is necessarily a great choice, so which games exactly are worth recommending?


I would like to recommend three interesting online console games. They are Pixel Gear, Ace Banana and Weeping Doll. These three games are all published by Oasis Console Games. They have all been published on the PS Station. Oasis Games is one of China’s biggest overseas online game distributors. It’s also Sony Entertainment’s biggest partner in China. This company has brought us many outstanding games. If you have played Naruto Online, then you’re probably not foreign to this company’s name.


The games Oasis publish triumphs of quality. The three games I’m recommending here have all fared exceptionally well since going live. They have excellent graphics, and all three games come from three game genres: Pixel shooting, VR Shooting, and mystery. Right now, VR shooting games are more popular, but mystery games are gaining popularity too. In these three games, DYING: Reborn game is twisted story focuses on Mathew, a young man who went out to look for his missing sister, only to find himself waking up in a run-down hotel with seemingly no way out. Weeping Doll’s popularity is the highest. The young female protagonist has suffered ill-treatment from her parents. But once she develops  anger, the doll would come alive and help her avenge her parents.


At least one of these three console games would be suitable for you. Try them out and may your new year begin with the many wonders of games!


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