Become a Banana warrior in an psvr game

In Ace Banana Game, you can enter the role as one of five different Banana Archers from the Banana Village.

ace banana game

Get ready for war, Banana Warriors! The PS VR shooter Ace Banana is now online! Take your PS MOVE control and become a bow wielding Banana Warrior! Enter a fictive world with your friends and keep the Banana village safe!

ace banana oasis games

The beauty of a fictive world is that you can become anything and go anywhere. In Ace Banana Game you can become a Banana Warrior and keep the monkeys from stealing your bananas!

In OSIS GAMES Ace Banana, you can enter the role as one of five different Banana Archers from the Banana Village. The PS Move controller is your bow that you use to keep different kinds of monkeys from invading and stealing the Banana Village’s bananas. The game currently supports three game modes: single player, multiplayer, and practice. In single player mode you rely on your skills. In multiplayer mode the most important thing is your ability to cooperate. The multiplayer mode currently supports up to four players.


In Ace Banana PSVR the Monkey Army will invade in wave upon wave. There are clown monkeys, repair monkeys, gangster monkeys, boxing monkeys, rocket monkeys and more! All with their unique appearance and characteristics. You can use salted fish, shuttlecocks, pillows, ice-cream cones and other interesting objects to attack the monkeys. Once you’ve beaten the monkeys, it’s time to face the Boss!

This is an active game that requires you to move a lot. If your arms get tired, you’re doing it right!

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